What happened to Airbrake (on Django)?

I love startups that serve other startups. Hoptoad is a great example - the founders recognized that most startups want to know their app crashes, but »

Installing NLTK on Heroku

I love the Natural Language Toolkit (NLTK) for Python but one of its problems (shared by many mature libraries) is that it has not been updated »

'django-kombu: tasks don''t get passed from broker to celery'

I spent a frustrating hour debugging an issue: I was following Heroku's excellent docs on deploying a Django application and got to the part about setting »

A very tech thanksgiving

Dear Lord: I thank thee for many things today - friends, family and a job. Lest we forget, I thank thee for where the technology industry »

Lessons from a 4-mile race

On a whim, I ran a 4-mile race today. It was the first time Redmond had organized a "Poultry Predictor". You predicted your time at the »

Making iPython work on Mac OS X Lion with Django Command Extensions

If you're not using iPython for Python/Django development you should be. It has a number of awesome features, but the ones I use the most »

One Man’s Quest to Fix A Driver Crash or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and

I use a Lenovo Thinkpad X201s for work. It’s mostly a solid workhorse – I like the form factor, the screen is bright and the machine »

What I learned from 50+ mock interviews

One of my friends Gayle runs an awesome company (CareerCup) which provides phone and in-person technical interview coaching for A-list companies like Microsoft, Google and Amazon. »

“.NET is all about dashboards” or “Where is the open source in .NET”?

Disclaimer: I work at Microsoft. I also love open source. I don’t consider myself a typical reader of MSDN magazine – to play to stereotypes, I »

Setting up your own WebMatrix server

Some of you may have tried WebMatrix, the PHP and ASP.NET development tool released by Microsoft in January 2011. The first version of this app »