MSDN subscription and incorrect spending limit removed message

The Azure Billing team rolled out a new feature on 4/20 which shows a spending limit notification for MSDN customers. These spending limits are enabled »

Building a Heroku add-on for fun and profit

The code for this project is located on github: Herok has a fantastic add-on marketplace that gives developers like me a »

'Another Windows Azure billing release: two awesome new features!'

The Azure Billing team just shipped another release of Here are the new features: 1. Spending limit notifications for MSDN subscriptions MSDN users » now redirects correctly now redirects to, instead of giving a DNS error like it used to. Sometimes it’s the little things that »

'"Resource not available" errors on your Windows Azure bill'

Several Windows Azure users have been complaining about two errors that show up when they click on a bill in 1 - Resource »

Introducing Voice PIN verification for Windows Azure signup

Some of you know that I work on the Windows Azure signup and purchasing experience. These are probably two of the least fun activities on any »

Understanding Windows Azure Billing

I work on Windows Azure billing at Microsoft. I guess you can blame me for what shows up on your bill (really, go for it: baslam »

'Proxifier: ssh and git behind a corporate proxy'

If you're trying to ssh behind a proxy (especially a Microsoft ISA proxy), you may be out of luck. Unless, that is, you use Proxifier. This »

'Anatomy of a bad bug fix: Part 1'

I had a horrendous bugfix experience for a web app I am working on these days. I learned so much from this experience that I wanted »

'Part 1: Hacking your Facebook with Python'

My wife and I share a Facebook wall. Mostly, it's because we joined a long time ago and don't want to go through the pain of »