Stupidly simple == simply stupid

I picked up a copy of Wes McKinney's excellent Python for Data Analysis a few days ago. The book recommends IPython, NumPy and matplotlib, which are »

The Actively Managed Life

I have a hypothesis - the average middle-class American is being required to actively manage more and more aspects of his life in order to survive »

Four factors behind the rise of Amazon Web Services

Olga Ivanova recently shared a great HBS case study on Amazon Web Services with me. The study chronicles the rise of AWS from a back-office infrastructure »

Python breakpoints in Sublime Text

I love Sublime Text 2 - it has replaced Visual Studio and even the venerable TextMate for Python hacking. Sublime doesn't have great support for debugging »

'Azure Billing: New Usage CSV format coming'

I’m happy to announce that we are going to ship a new usage details CSV (comma-separated values) format in the next two weeks. This blog »

'Azure Signup and Billing: Crazy discounts, better error messages, and more!'

I’m happy to announce that Windows Azure has release another great set of features. Here are they, are in no particular order: *Amazing (up to »

Announcing organizational accounts on Windows Azure

I'm happy to announce that you can now login to and purchase Windows Azure using "organizational accounts". Up until today, users have only been able to »

6 new countries and usage charts - more goodness on Azure!

The Azure Billing team is proud to announce another set of great features, fresh on the heels of our big June 7 launch: As of today, »

Announcing awesome billing features on Windows Azure

The Azure billing team is proud to announce awesome new features. We have some incredibly cool stuff coming down the line, so think of this as »

Visualizing your LinkedIn profile

I am happy to announce powerful analytics features in Wiser Profile which make it fun and easy to visualize your LinkedIn profile: 1) A bird's-eye view »