6 new countries and usage charts - more goodness on Azure!

The Azure Billing team is proud to announce another set of great features, fresh on the heels of our big June 7 launch:

  1. As of today, you can purchase Azure in several new countries: Russia, Uruguay, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Turkey and Ukraine.

  2. We have localized our Account Portal in Turkish and Polish: Hoş Geldiniz and Witamy to our new friends!

  3. We have introduced a feature that I am personally very excited about - historical usage charts for every billable service on Azure. To check them out, go to the Account Portal, click on a subscription and click the little graph icon - usage charts are great for giving you a glimpse of usage patterns. What's great about usage charts is that they break 'rolled up' meters like storage into separate meters. In the picture below, I can see that I have used 1.5 GB of geo-redundant storage, but no locally redundant storage (which is cheaper).