Announcing awesome billing features on Windows Azure

The Azure billing team is proud to announce awesome new features. We have some incredibly cool stuff coming down the line, so think of this as a teaser! :)

1. Signup for Preview Features

Preview Features Sign up Page  Windows Azure 1

The Azure team is working on tons of new features, and we will be giving users early access to them before they are released to production. To get access to these features, log into your account and click Preview Features. As of this writing, the only preview available is for Media Services. When you sign up for a preview, your request is queued and is usually processed within a few days. You will get a confirmation email as soon as you are approved (unfortunately we don't send a confirmation email when you apply for access).

On a side note - go check out Media Services if you are remotely interested in encoding and processing videos. It is a mind-blowingly awesome product which makes it almost fun - almost - to do video processing online.

2. Historical usage downloadable as a CSV file

We have long given users the ability to download usage as a CSV file so they can do their own analytics in a spreadsheet program like Excel. We just added the ability to download historical usage over periods of time longer than the current billing period - so now you can go six months in the past and get historical data. Get your number crunching on!

historical csv

3. Subscription ID matches the one in the Management Portal

This is a small 'feature', but it is one of my pet peeves. Now we show the same subscription ID in the Billing Portal as we show in the Management Portal. Duh, right?