Visualizing your LinkedIn profile

I am happy to announce powerful analytics features in Wiser Profile which make it fun and easy to visualize your LinkedIn profile:

1) A bird's-eye view of your professional network by industry and company.

You probably know how many people are in your LinkedIn network. But do you know which companies and industries they work in? The new treemap visualization can help you understand this. In the picture below, each box represents a company and and industry. You can see that most of my network is in the IT industry, and about 10% of it is at Microsoft. This visualization helps you understand if your professional network is diverse enough, and if it is in the right industries.

Wiser Profile Review feedback and tips for your LinkedIn profile 4

*2) An easy way to visualize your most powerful connections. *

This bubblechart shows each of your connections as a circle - people who are well-connected on LinkedIn to others are large, red circles where people who are poorly connected are small, green circles. It's a powerful way to visualize who your most important connections are (names are ommitted from this screenshot, but can be added in Wiser Profile). If you only have a handful of red circles on your LinkedIn profile, you are not using LinkedIn well as a professional networking tool, and are missing out on networking and recruiting opportunities.


I hope you enjoy using these features as much as I enjoyed building them! Try out Wiser Profile today.