MSDN subscription and incorrect spending limit removed message

The Azure Billing team rolled out a new feature on 4/20 which shows a spending limit notification for MSDN customers. These spending limits are enabled by default on customers who activated their MSDN benefit on Windows Azure after 12/10. Spending limits were not available on MSDN subscriptions before this date

Unfortunately, the "spending limit notification has been removed" notification is showing even on MSDN subscriptions that were purchased before 12/10. This is a bug, and we are looking into it. Please note that:

1) MSDN subscriptions purchased before 12/10 never had spending limits

2) Users will not be able to set or unset spending limits of MSDN subscriptions purchased before 12/10, even with the feature we rolled out on 12/10

So, the net effect of this bug is a misleading message. We hope to fix this soon!