'Another Windows Azure billing release: two awesome new features!'

The Azure Billing team just shipped another release of account.windowsazure.com. Here are the new features:

1. Spending limit notifications for MSDN subscriptions

MSDN users get one of three MSDN-only special offers on Windows Azure, which include up to 1,500 hours of compute (among other goodies). A special feature of these offers is that they have a spending limit – that is, you will not be charged even a cent unless you use a service that is not included in your MSDN subscription. At that point, your subscription will be disabled and you will get an email notification.

Our users told us that they wanted a clear notification in the UI when a spending limit is enabled (just to give them some extra peace of mind). We delivered this feature with the latest release. This screenshot shows an MSDN subscription with spending limits enabled:


2. Cleaned up Usage Meters view

Windows Azure has a lot of awesome cloud services you can use, so this means there are a lot of ‘meters’ that can show up on a subscription. If you do not have any usage on a subscription, by default, we will not show any meters. Instead, we will show a (hopefully helpful!) message:


If you have any questions about Azure Billing, feel free to reach out to me: baslam at microsoft dot com