Introducing Voice PIN verification for Windows Azure signup

Some of you know that I work on the Windows Azure signup and purchasing experience. These are probably two of the least fun activities on any website (one involves creating an account, the other involves parting with your hard-earned cash) … so my job is to make these as painless as possible!

I’m happy to announce that we have released an easier way for users to verify their identity when signing up for Windows Azure. Previously, we would send you a PIN code by text message and you had to enter this number on the website to create an account on Windows Azure. Our users complained that they didn’t always have a cell phone handy, and some had to pay a fee to receive text messages.

Now, you can enter your phone number and we will give you a call to give you the PIN. This feature works in all the countries and languages where Windows Azure is supported.


Try out Windows Azure today – there is a 3-month free trial, which includes everything you need to create your cloud application.