What happened to Airbrake (on Django)?

I love startups that serve other startups. Hoptoad is a great example - the founders recognized that most startups want to know their app crashes, but don't want to set up their own monitoring infrastructure like Monit. I used Hoptoad extensively in my first startup emptyspaceads, which is now defunct. I loved the drop-in-and-go simplicity. Since I am developing a new app in Django these days, I was excited to go back to Hoptoad. They're offered at a ridiculously low price of $2/month through Heroku. There have been a few changes since 2009 - first, they have been renamed to Airbrake.

So, I figured this would be a simple case of

pip install somepackage

and we are off to the races, right?

Not so fast. In fact, TL;DR: as of 12/17/2011, Aibrake does not have a working library for Django.

There are severe problems with their Django support:

  1. Avoid this tutorial like the plague. The code is outdated, and doesn't work against their latest API.

  2. Avoid django-hoptoad and django-airbrake. Neither of these packages actually works. Django-hoptoad gets an error from the service (I stepped through the code). Django-airbrake has errors in the way it uses XMLBuilder.

I'm sure these errors can be fixed with a little bit of diligence.

But my time is worth more: I'm using getexceptional.com, which is $9/month. As expected, it worked out of the box.