A very tech thanksgiving

Dear Lord:

I thank thee for many things today - friends, family and a job. Lest we forget, I thank thee for where the technology industry stands today. So, Lord, I thank thee for ...

1) An industry that puts the whole world in my hands

When I was a kid (or, as my wife liked to say, 'a young warthog'), my dad had a Pocket Diary. It looked a lot like this:


Back in 1990-something, this was state of the art. This piece of digital hotness could hold hundreds of phone numbers, tell you the time, and even set an alarm. Honestly, it wasn't a whole lot better than a little black book, and a pocket watch. Probably the only reason I used it was because I was 7 years old and had nothing better to do. In 2011, a $50 phone has access to (and this is a partial list):

  • Multiple huge datacenters (Google and Bing)
  • The largest encyclopedia the world has ever seen (Wikipedia)
  • Instant voice, text, email and video communication around the world
  • Instant geolocation almost anywhere in the world

So, Lord, I thank thee for putting the world in our hands. PS: Can you make the Internet on these things a little faster?

2) An industry that makes lives better

It's easy to think of technology as the stuff that we use at work (to type documents) or at home (Facebook!). However, I thank thee, Lord, for giving us an industry that touches countless lives every day. In no particular order:

  • Phones and social networks have literally started revolutions. Tunisia, Egypt, Libya. These would not have been possible without the democratizing influence of Facebook and Twitter.

  • iPhone apps, coupled with cheap hardware, are being used to diagnose diseases in Africa

  • Anytime I talk to my family across the world with full HD video, my mind is blown. This was just unimaginable a decade ago.

3) An industry that is always changing

Few industries change as much as the tech industry. One thing that jumps out from Steve Jobs' biography (and I haven't read even a quarter yet!) is how today's underdog can be tomorrow's winner. Microsoft, Intel, Apple ... they have all been winners and losers at some point in the last decade. This is incredible, exciting and I feel privileged to be working in an industry that reinvents itself every few years.

Happy Thanksgiving!